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Coffee Time (18"x36") Oil

1_Walking on Queen street. .jpg

Walking On Queen Street (32"x32") Oil 

4. Nice drink_$1600.jpg

Nice drink (18"x36") Oil


Waiting (30"x36") Oil

5. Sunny day_18_x36__$1800.jpg
2. Check_24_x36__$1800.jpg

Nice Sunny Day (18"x36") Oil

Wait for green Light (24"x36") Oil

15. RedFlowerDress_20_x24__1600.jpg

Red Flower Dress (20"x24") Oil

16.Afternoon Light_20'X24__$1600.jpg
14. Soft drink_18'x24'_$1500.jpg

Afternoon Light (20"x24") Oil


Soft drink (18"x24") Oil


23. stree car in raining day_26_x48__$2800.jpg

Street Car in the Rain (26"x 48") Oil

9_Blurry Rainy Day_GuoYue Dou.jpg

Blurry Rainy Day (24"x48") Oil

11_ Spring Rain.jpg

Spring Rain (21"x30") Oil


GuoYue Dou_Raining Day on Queen Street_2021.jpg

Raining Day On Queen Street (30"x48") Oil

26. street car light_10_x10__$320.jpg

street car Light (10"x10") Oil


25. evening downtown_10_x10__$320.jpg

Evening downtown (10"x10") Oil


24. New street car in Queen_10_x10__$320.jpg

New Street car on Queen (10"x 10") Oil


GuoYue Dou_Walking in the rain_2021.jpg
22. rainning Toronto downtown_30_x40__$2600.jpg

Walking in the Rain (20"x24") Oil

Raining Toronto downtown (30"x40") Oil

transparent umbrella.jpg

Transparent Umbrella (19"x24") Oil

1 Ray of sunshine (24x30) Oil.jpg

Ray of sunshine  (24x30) Oil​A1 Ray of sunshine (24x30) OilveLig字型乾淨時尚,特別受到設計師的青睞。它很容易閱讀,適合用在標題、段落等。

4 reading and drinking (24x30) Oil.jpg

Reading and drinking  (24x30)  Oil 

6 pink skirt (18x36) Oil.jpeg
2 Lemonade (16x20) Oil.jpg

 Lemonade  (16x20)  Oil

5 Evian (24x30) Oil.jpg

Avenir Light這個字型乾淨時尚,特別受Evian  (24x30)  Oil到設計師的青睞。它很容易閱讀,適合用在標題、段落等。

3 Enjoy the drink (16x20) Oil.jpeg
12. Lunch Time (24x30) $1600.JPG

Enjoy the drink  (16x20)  Oil

Lunch Time  (24x39)  Oil

7 Keep up (18x36) Oil.jpeg
8 Black dot (18x36) Oil.jpeg

Pink skirt  (18x36)  OilAvenir Light這個字型乾淨時尚,特別受到設計師的青睞。它很容易閱讀,適合用在標題、段落等。

Keep up  (18x36)  Oil

 Black dot  (18x36)  Oil

9 Cress the street (24x48) Oil.jpg
3 In the rain (雨中).JPG

Cross the street  (24x48)  Oil

In the Rain  (30x48)  Oil

10 Street car on Bathurst (24x48)

Street car on rainy day  (24x48)  Oil


11 New street car on Queen (24x39) Oil.j

New street car on Queen ST  (24x30)  Oil


transparent umbrella.jpg
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