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About GuoYue Dou

GuoYue Dou paints in a realistic style, capturing the atmosphere, detail and beauty. His main mediums are oil and acrylic, which he uses traditional techniques to portray the emotion of the artwork. From beginning to end, all of Dou’s works are produced by himself. From research and photo reference to priming and painting, Dou is proud to create his work every step of the way. Each individual piece of his is unique and original. No two pieces are exactly the same, and he is very content with the amount of research, work and effort he puts into each of his pieces. Dou has an interest in everyday city life, and is fortunate enough to live near the lively city in order to take an abundance of reference photos. From these photos, he is able to sift out the ones that inspire him the most to create a piece. Using his traditional and well cultured techniques, he is able to bring the atmosphere and emotions of the piece to life on the canvas. Due to his work process, each piece is distinctive and as a whole, defines GuoYue Dou as a person. 
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